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Cassi Petsch, PT, DPT creator of Gait Buddy has envisioned, invented and established proof of concept designs for Gait Buddy™ through numerous patients, promoting improved patient instruction, safety and gait analysis. Her designs help strengthen and enhance current gait rehabilitation conventions by providing an affordable and easily accessible product.

"My dream and my passion is to provide products that improve our patient’s opportunities to return to their prior level of function and enhance their quality of life, while also keeping our staff members safe."



Lacie is a Senior Regional Director of Operations for one of the largest, nationwide, long-term care rehab providers. Lacie has 15 years of experience in different PT settings, including outpatient, home health, acute care and skilled nursing. Lacie has experienced firsthand the struggles of ambulating low level patients with little assistance as well as continuing to run into these situations with her employees.

“The Gait Buddy will be a life saver for working with the post-op orthopedics, acute care, and low-level patients in skilled nursing facilities. I want to continue to pursue solutions for therapists in all settings to help make their jobs easier and safer.”

Ultimately, I wanted to be a better therapist for my patients. I knew I wasn’t giving them adequate instruction/safety during gait training while pulling the wheelchair behind. In 2012, I decided to pursue a solution. I built 20+ prototypes from hardware store items to create a proof of concept design. These prototypes solidified the need for a solution. My passion for this idea continued to grow when I became a rehab director of a SNF in 2013 and further oversaw the care of the patients in that building through promoting interdisciplinary care, fall prevention programs, and contracture management programs.

- Cassi Petsch, Founder of Gait Buddy

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