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Reduces Injury to Patient and Therapist

  • Gait Buddy reduces potential of injury to patient as therapist can now have both hands on the patient. Wheelchair follows at a safe distance and is ready when the patient needs to rest. 

  • Gait Buddy also reduces potential for injury to therapist as they must twist through the lower back to pull the wheelchair behind the walker while balancing the patient. 

  • Traditional gait training methods cause repetitive strain/sprain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders to therapists with the possibility of long term disability. 


Improved Quality of Gait Training

  • Gait Buddy improves visual, auditory, and kinesthetic instruction as therapist is adjacent (rather than behind) the patient.

  • Gait Buddy increases treatment options and mobilizes lower level patients more comprehensively and earlier in their recovery, which is proven to promote increased bone density and respiratory function while simultaneously decreasing the risk of pneumonia and skin breakdown. Safer mobilization for patients with IV, wound vac, or oxygen tank. 

  • Gait Buddy increases a patient’s active participation, improved feeling of accomplishment, improved mood

Reduces Injury
Improved gait training

Affordable Solution

  • Gait Buddy® is 10x less than current expensive solutions (body weight support, treadmill training, and lite gait systems).

Affordable Solution


Gait Buddy was created for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’s) and hospitals performing gait training for acute care/low level individuals. These two types of facilities specialize in 24-hour care for the most acute/low level individuals that require assisted gait training.

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