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GaitBuddy Helping People get Back on their Feet One Step at a Time

Optimizing Gait Training

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No more wheelchair shuffle!

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A Must Have Tool for Safe and Efficient Mobility!


I got to use the Gait buddy and I love it! It allows you to be fully hands on while gait training to give cues (which really allows for a higher quality session and the patient gets more feedback) and it’s safer for you and the patient. Really, I think every SNF, acute, day program and ortho setting would benefit from having one!

- Michaela, PT

As a home health PT, the Gait Buddy is a must have! I don’t have a second person with me, so I’m unable to safely gait train a lot of these patients, but with the Gait Buddy gait training is made simple! I love that it’s easy to set up, easy to use and super lightweight! The Gait Buddy is simply amazing.

- Laura, PT

This is a MUST HAVE tool! I’ve been waiting years for a simple solution to this problem. Thank goodness someone finally came up with something!

- Jessica, PTA

This would improve the ability of CNA’s and restorative/mobility aides to help residents who are not safe to walk alone to take daily walks in units that don’t necessarily have therapy too! I love this!

-Cayla, RNA

The Gait buddy is a back saver. No more pulling the wheelchair behind me while I’m gait training. Brilliant solution!

- Tara, PT

Gait Buddy allows therapists to focus solely on the patients (not the wheelchair) and reduces injury to therapists caused by twisting through their lower back to pull the wheelchair.

Gait Buddy is 10x less than current expensive solutions (body weight support, treadmill training, and lite gait systems).

Gait Buddy allows therapist to have both hands on the patient and be in line of sight, enabling clear patient instruction.

Improved Quality of Gait Training



Traditional gait training methods jeopardize both therapist and patient safety



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